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Electroskip (2012 - 2013)

Electroskip is a collaboration between myself and Bill Sack; who is a contemporary music composer and gadget maker. We met in 2010 while showing at our regional biennale. My solo project, Skippisox (2010) involved creating a footwear product that attaches fiberglass discs to the soles of participant’s shoes to enable skipping. Bill Sack designed a system that sends (MIDI) musical notes from 4 sensors on this footwear… wirelessly…to his music rig.


Electroskip is a functional product and brand, and is really quite fun for participants to use. In our debut, many folks asked us: “Is this a real product?” In fact the data visualizations of skipping patterns are scientifically accurate, and upon viewing them we devised a theory: that each individual has his or her own unique “skipping profile".


With electroskip, we play a groove that acts as a metronome and participants produce a series of polyrhythms, many of which drift toward the basin of attraction called  “skipping”. Electroskips provide a way to visually identify skipping patterns, by producing real-time graphics and recordable sequences in the “phase space” of skipping.

In 2013 we developed a new version of this technology code named The Electroskip Interactive Wireless Music Controller that can be used in many new media applications. We are also seeking venues to exhibit and perform electroskip...please email us if you are interested.