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Global Point Strategies (2003 - 2005)

A relational aesthetics project that began with development of alter-ego Kurt Weibers in 2003, and culminated in 2005 as part of the Albright-Knox Gallery’s Beyond/In Western NY art show.


It consists of 4 self-improvement videos, a series of tactical media “motivational” seminars, an exhibition trade show booth, website and recorded conversations with artists on the topic of creativity.


The GPS abbreviation of Global Point Strategies reflects my desire to subvert extensive coordinate systems, such as maps. Grid thinking is fundamental to corporate culture, and as I was a defect from the advertising industry, the project is full of humours ironies.

Following this project I learned more about differential, virtual and intensive systems, primarily from the re-interpretation of Deleuze by Manual DeLanda called Virtual Intensive Philosophy. My book A General Theory of Skipping explores these scale-independent concepts.