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McLuhan Remix (2008, 2009)

A video essay that coalesces my writings on remix by virtue of applying the technique of remixing to a dialog-across-time between my virtual identity Kurt Weibers and Marshall McLuhan.


The prologue and epiloque feature me (Jamie O'Neil) sitting in my office lecturing on the key points of my remix theories, namely, my conjecture that remix is the most important concept of digital media.

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The combined approach of written and video essays that this project uses, was continued in my skipping projects and book that followed, are examples of my scholarly and creative process transmedia inquiry.


Applying theory to praxis, I remixed the page of 1967 classic: The Medium is the Massage by Marshal McLuhan and Quentin Fiore, as well as music from Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense and artwork by Cindy Sherman. This content exemplifies how identity is maintained when a remix is superimposed. Identity is the topic of the last essay of the series: Remix Identity which was inspired by a public lecture given by Derrick de Kerckhove that is remixed in the last section of the video.

Although I am more interested in the conceptual issues of remix (rather than the legal concerns) this project was made possible by the Fair Use Copyright Act of 1976 which I learned about through The Center for Social Media. When the project debuted, the website documented how I utilized the Fair Use mechanism of YouTube in order to post the video:

youtube fair use