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Skippisox (2010, 2011)

To the unsuspecting viewer Skippisox appear to be an exercise gizmo (but really they are a work of art.)

Skippisox consist of fiberglass disks that attach to the soles of shoes. People put them on, and skip—physically embodying the concepts of the project; a larger-scale transmedia inquiry into skipping that includes a video installation and a vj-style lecture called Skipping Slides.

(in humans, machines and nature) are unpredictable and
dis-continuous movements. Contemplating skipping we expose the limitations of our spatial/continuous, gestalt-forming perceptions.


This project is a probe into the problem of movement; the ancient paradox that capturing movement, stops it. Inspired by the notion of the “interval” put forward by Bergson and later remixed by Deleuze, it models the difference between continuous and discrete phenomenon.

Skipping occurs in humans, nature and machines. It is a singular form of movement, and a useful concept, so I wrote a book about it.


Skipping is a reductive process that implies the missing of an anticipated beat, period, interval or meeting. Skipping is singular—a distinct quality of rhythm and behavior.