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Skipping Slides (2010)

A two-channel, VJ - style collaboration between myself and real-time graphics artist Christopher Langford consisting of a theoretical lecture on the topic of skipping, synchronized with a retro slide projector.


This feature length presentation extends the concepts embodied in my tactical media project: skippisox into a 1960's systems-theory world. This project evolved into my book: A General Theory of Skipping.

Skipping is a distinct milleu of rhythm and movement that intuitively evokes the concepts of process philosophy. This lecture / performance, in both content and form, constructs a phase space for thinking and e-motions along these lines...Although some folks prefer to just call it cool.


Topics include: memory skips, multiple-personality skipping, record skips in DJ scratching, cognitive mapping as discontinuous mental / topological skips and many other qualities of time inspired by the philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Henri Bergson. My character, Kurt Weibers is set back in the 1960's time period; which is intended to be a time skip that bridges Skipping Slides to Skippisox via the video installation.