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Wipersync (2002)

Wipersync is a phenomenon of phase-sync occurring in the motion of windshield wipers. I noticed it (along with blinker-sync) many years before I made the video, and thought that it epitomized the relational, acausal connectivity between movements of separate bodies.


Formally, the video style of Wipersync was inspired by Lev Manovich’s writings at the time, especially his idea of “spatial montage”. I was also in the midst of my introduction to Deleuze’s cinema books; who, referring to Goddard’s Histories du cinema said: “mixing ousts montage.” Goddard’s famous video essay offered me a way to combine my words and thoughts via video layering and juxtaposition.


The Wipersync video is a record of my earliest thoughts and feelings about postmodern theory, which I had been introduced to in 2002 while studying at SUNY at Buffalo with Steve Kurtz and Tony Conrad (among many other great faculty). One of my graduate advisors recommended David Boehm considering my inclination to continuous, non-fragmented, and evolutionary theories of time. Later, when I learned about the Einstein/Bergson controversy, I expanded on this in Relative Time Management. Deleuze’s remix of Bergsonism inspired my skipping projects in 2010.


Of course I worked on many non-art video projects before Wipersync. When I moved to Buffalo, NY in 2000 I began videotaping lectures at the C.G. Jung Center and Wipersync echoes Jung’s concept of “synchronicity” especially how it is historically correlated with Wolfgang Pauli’s notion of acausality. In 2002 I learned of this from the books of Victor Mansfield, a physicist at Colgate University. Although I did not realize it at the time, Wipersync was the beginning of my interest in process philosophy. The film was screened at festivals internationally and the photo (below) of it on a jumbotron in Manchester, UK 2004 seems to reinforce it's theme of the funny way... we are all connected.